I offer complex dental care to my clients and my goal is for your teeth to serve you well your whole life. I am a follower of precise modern dentistry with emphasis on prevention. I specialize in aesthetic oral medicine, so your teeth will have great natural look.

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Dental hygiene

Our friendly dental hygienist will not just clean and polish, but will also advise you on how to keep your teeth healthy and great-looking.

Teeth whitening

Important part of your beautiful smile. We offer teeth whitening in accordance with your needs and wishes. We also offer advice on at-home teeth whitening.

Aesthetic composite resins

Our number 1 choice for treating cavities because of its very natural look, its longevity and high durability. These high-quality resins also protect the tooth from mechanical damage.

Root canal treatment

Absolutely pain-free treatment of root canals

Dental surgery

Basic dental surgery always done with your comfort in mind


Healthy gums and bone are the foundation of good teeth

Dental implants

Long-term solution of missing teeth

Child care

We emphasize the prevention, but we also offer complete child care and motivate children to look after their teeth


For children and adults braces ore often necessary in order to get the best results

Crowns, fillings, bridges

We work together with best laboratories

Removable replacement

Thanks to our cooperation with top laboratories we are also able to offer you removable replacements

Our team

I use only materials of the highest quality , best tools and I regularly undertake various courses. We pride ourselves in our painless and professional treatment as well as great family atmosphere in our clinic.

MDDr. Marie Vogtová

MDDr. Marie Vogtová


Current announcement

Dear all,

I would like to inform you, that my dentistry office will be closed since start of November 2023 due to ongoing pregnancy. Dental hygiene in my office will be available only to 18 August 2023. Unfortunatelly I have no idea, how long I will be out, therefore I recommend you to find another dentist, so that you have somewhere to turn in case of need.

I appreciate very much our excellent cooperation and your trust so far!

Have a nice day and take care,
MDDr. Marie Vogtová

Dental office


First medical check-upfree
Regular check-upfree
Anestheticsincluded in price of the treatment
Dental surgeryfree
Dental hygiene1400 CZK
Decay treatment - aesthetic filling3000 - 5000 CZK
Root canal treatmentfrom 2000 CZK
Ceramic crown6500 CZK
Whitening6000 CZK

Credit and debit card accepted.

Good to know

Based on the first check-up and your needs and expectations we will help you to determine your medical priorities and provide you with personalized medical plan.


E-mail: vogtova@gmail.com

For appointments and dental hygiene (we are flexible in the case of an emergency)

Jana Babáka 11, Brno

Across the road from outdoor swimming pool „Dobrák“ – building H (light green coloured building), 4th floor

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How to get there

by tram or trolleybus – stops Dobrovského (direction to the city centre) and Terrerova (direction from the city centre)

Opening hours

Mo 8am - 4pm
Tu 7am - 3pm
Wed 8am - 4pm
Thu 7am - 3pm

Dental hygiene

Tu 4pm - 8pm
Fri 8:30am - 6pm


Available on streets Jana Babáka, Tererova or Svatopluka Čecha

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